Friday, May 14, 2010

Phone Conference with Mr Suresh ( 14 / May / 2010 ) 13:15hrs


1. Read past-years 2008 & 2009 student FYP reports. Get reports from Mr Foo.

2. Perform stock checking ( take note of complete stocks ). Get help from laboratory technician. Consult Mr Foo about cell line stock.

3. Next wednesday 19-May-2010 start cell line propagation & freeze down cells attained in liquid nitrogen. Take note of the specific concentrations of the cells attained.

4. Start preparing RPMI media.


1. Checked with Mr Foo about the cell line. Confirmed in stock and well frozen under crytopreservation using liquid nitrogen.

2. Asked Mr Foo for the past-year reports. Will get it from him once he found it.

3. Initiated tentative stock taking and propagation dates with lab technician by dropping her a short memo as she is not at her desk. Dates yet to be confirmed.


1. Laboratory follow-up needed for section ( A ) point no. 3

2. Confirmed dates for stock taking and propagation will be updated on later date.


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