Monday, May 31, 2010

TimeLine for preparation of media and sterility check

1) Preparation of RPMI-1640 basal medium at 2/June/2010 @ 15:15hrs. Venue: Bioreactor Lab.

2) Sterility check Day 2 for RPMI-1640 basal at 4/June/2010 @ 13:00hrs. Venue: Bioreactor Lab.

3) Sterility check day 5 for RPMI-1640 basal at 7/June/2010 @ 13:00hrs. Venue: Bioreactor Lab.

5) Prepartion of RPMI-1640 Complete Medium at 9/June/2010 @ 10:00hrs. Venue: Bioreactor Lab...

updated @ 13:06hrs

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